Staging & Residential Design

MHI is proud to announce a new division dedicated to home staging and residential design for individual clients.

    Staging a vacant home when selling real estate is proven to be the best way to attract buyers and get more money for your home. At MHI, each staging package is tailored to individual client’s needs. You will work with an experienced staging professional to develop a strategic marketing plan aimed at your target buyer. MHI uses our massive inventory of furniture, art, and accessories to create a home that will stand out and sell. Inventory is housed in our local warehouse so turnaround from initial consultation to installation can be a matter of days. The furnishings that are leased to you, will be installed and picked up, and there is always a buy-out option in case the buyer falls in love with them!


    Our staff includes talented interior designers that enjoy working with residential clients on both large and small projects. We provide an initial interior design consultation at our design studio to determine the scope of the work followed by hourly design services. MHI has hundreds of vendors for furniture, fabrics, wallcoverings, lamps, art, accessories, drapery, rugs, and soft goods as well as an expansive library in our studio that our designers pull from. For smaller, quicker projects,  designers have access to our warehouse of stock so your space can be filled quickly.


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